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Course Textbooks & Reserves

Find out what textbooks the Library has on reserves for your class. Need to check out a brain, leg, calculator, headphones...? Stop by the Service Desk to check out these items and more!

Course Textbook Search

Search for items on reserve @ the Library

You can search by course name (such as Global, biol1111, or Therapeutics) or instructor. 

What's on Reserve?

Course Reserve items: 

  • Required textbooks (1 copy per course)

  • Supplemental readings (ie: articles, book chapters, etc.)

  • Anatomy parts, models & kits

  • DVDs

Items NOT on reserve:

  • Recommend textbooks (unless requested by the instructor)

  • Lab manuals or workbooks. 

Not all classes will have materials on reserve 

Available @ the Service Desk

Check-out length = 3 hours

  • Android & iPhone chargers

  • Calculators (Scientific & graphing)

  • Headphones

  • HDMI & VGI cables

*Please keep in mind, we have a limited quantity of the items above.

To help you prepare for anatomy, check out a...
  • Arm Muscle / Vessel Model
  • Brain Model (multiple)
  • Disarticulated Skeleton
  • Ear Model
  • Eye Model
  • Heart Model
  • Kidney/Renal System Model
  • Leg Muscle / Vessel Model
  • Skull Model (multiple)
  • Vertebrae
  • Reproductive Systems: Male and Female
  • Respiratory System w/ Heart
  • Torso with Internal Organs

*Due to the limited number of body parts, students may only check out 1 body part at a time. 

Exchange your battery for a fully charged battery at the Service Desk.

*We do not accept disc drives in exchange for a battery

Dry-erase kits:
  • Includes: 2-3 markers & a cleaning cloth/eraser 
  • Check out length = 3 hours
Free @ the Service Desk!
  • Earplugs: We know it can get loud in the Library, so stop by for a free pair of disposable earplugs.
  • Candy: Stop by during finals week (and other random times of the year) for candy.

Permanent Reserves

Permanent Reserves

Along with Course Reserves, there is a small collection of books shelved at the Service Desk. These materials are items not associated with a specific course and are placed on reserve in order to maximize access and minimize the loss of the material.

These items are typically the newest editions of standard textbooks and additional copies of reference materials, such as Remington: the science and practice of pharmacy.

Permanent reserve materials have the location "STLCOP Service Desk" in the catalog and can be checked out for 2 hours.