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Embase Introduction

Embase is a biomedical research database covering 8,500+ research journals. Embase covers the same subjects as PubMed/MEDLINE but has an additional focus on drugs and pharmacology, medical devices, clinical medicine, and basic science relevant to clinical medicine.

What can I use Embase for?

It is often used along with PubMed when conducting comprehensive literature reviews on biomedical topics. However, Embase may be your first choice when searching for drug and pharmacology research or conference abstracts.

What period of time does it cover?

Access dates back to 1947.

How is Embase different from other databases?

Embase uses their own thesaurus, called Emtree, rather than the MeSH database used by PubMed/MEDLINE. For more information on Emtree, see the link below. 

Embase Tutorials