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Discovery Search Tutorial

Get help using our Discovery Search. Discover all the features that can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Getting Started

If you've searched in an EBSCO database before, Discovery will look very familiar. The basic mechanics of searching are the same as in any other EBSCO database. 

Improve your search by... 

What to Put in the Search Box

Use quotation marks to search phrases

While the search box looks like the Google search box, it works differently. The default search treats all terms you enter in a search box as though they are joined with AND. For more relevant results, put quotation marks around phrases. 

If you were looking for information on the education of pharmacy students, you would need to type "pharmacy student" education in the search box. By putting quotes around the words pharmacy student, Discovery will know you are looking for information specific to pharmacy students and not other types of students.


  • Default search: Pharmacy student education -- will search for pharmacy AND student AND education
  • Phrase search: "Pharmacy student" education -- will search for pharmacy student AND education

Searching By...

Keyword: Enter words or phrases in quotes to search for items 

Title: Searches for words in the item title

Author: Searches for the last name of the author

Article Title: Looking for a specific article--enter the full article name with quotes around the title

Journal Title: If you want to search within a specific journal, enter the journal name into the search box. 

Example: To search within the New England Journal of Medicine start typing the journal title, then select the title from the publications section of the dropdown.

Using the Advanced Search

Use the Advanced Search

To combine your terms and phrases in other ways (such as with OR or NOT), use the advanced search. 

Example: The search below will look for results that include animal therapy AND cats, but NOT dogs. 

Using AND & NOT to build a better search

Limiting Results

Use limiters to narrow results

Limit To:

Limits the results returned.

  • Online Full Text = online full text & eBooks
    • Helpful when you need full-text and don't have time to request items through Interlibrary Loan 
  • Print & Online Full Text = online full text, eBooks, & print books in the Library
  • Library Catalog = eBooks, books, & DVDs in the Library
  • eBooks 
Publication Type: 

Limits results by publication type such as eBooks, academic journals (i.e. journal articles), magazines, reviews, books...


Refines results by subject--categories vary by search.