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Discovery Search Tutorial

Get help using our Discovery Search. Discover all the features that can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Item Record Tools

When looking at an item you should see a row of tools on the right-hand side of the page.

Below is a quick description of each tool:

Item record in Discovery

Google Drive: Saves the citation information/description to your Google Drive. 

Add to Folder: Adds the item to your session folder.

To save the item for future use, you must create and log in to your EBSCO account. 

Print: Prints the item description.

To print the full text of an article, download the article and then use your browser's print button. 

E-mail: Emails the citation or item description.

Note: the email from may end up in your spam folder. 

Save: Saves the citation information to your computer.

Cite: Provides a citation for the item in various format styles*. 

* Always consult your citation resources for the exact formatting and punctuation guidelines. 

Export: Exports the citation to a citation manager such as EasyBib, EndNote, ProCite, Reference Manager, or Zotero. 

Create Note: Login to your EBSCO account to create a note for the item.

Permalink: Displays the permanent link to the item.