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How to Find a Book

Looking for a book? This guide can help you find a book in the STLCOP Library, at the Becker Medical Library, in MOBIUS, or through Interlibrary Loan.

What is MOBIUS?

MOBIUS is a large consortium of academic libraries in Missouri and surrounding states, plus several large public libraries. MOBIUS libraries share books with other member libraries for free. So if a book you want is at the UMSL Library, they’ll send it to us free of charge for you to borrow!

So, is MOBIUS the same thing as Interlibrary Loan?

Yes and no. MOBIUS is a type of Interlibrary Loan. MOBIUS is your quick and easy option for getting print books not available in the STLCOP Library.  True Interlibrary Loan is only for when you can't find a book in MOBIUS.

MOBIUS Highlights:

  • Place your own requests.

    • Find it on the library homepage > Expand Your Search> MOBIUS or through the STLCOP Library catalog. Look for the MOBIUS link in the toolbar

  • Books arrive in 2-3 business days

    • Books will be held at the Service Desk for 7 days. After 7 days, your hold will be canceled and books not picked up will be sent back to the owning library.

  • Check out length = 4 weeks

    • 2 renewals are possible as long as no one requests the book.

Find & Request a Book

Find a book

  1. Enter the title or keywords in the search box, then click the search button  

  2. You should see a results list with items that match your search.

  3. Refine your results using any of the options offered in the 'Refine by' section on the left-hand side of the screen or enter new search terms as needed. 

  4. Click on a title in the results list to view information about a specific item; specifically

    • Locations: which libraries in MOBIUS own the item

    • Status: availability of the item 

Place a request

  1. Check the location and status of the item, if copies are available, click the Request It button. 

    • A pop-up box will open in a new window, where you can complete your request

  2. From the Find your library dropdown, select MOBIUS-St. Louis College of Pharmacy and click Submit.

  3. On the next screen enter the following information: 

    • Your Name (as it is on your college ID)

    • College ID + college code (COP)

      • Students: your College ID is your student number + our college code: COP (ex: 12333COP)

      • Faculty & Staff: If you do not know your library account number, email

  4. Click Submit

    • If your request was successful, a new page will open saying your request was successful.

    • If your request was not successful, a new page will open stating "Sorry, no copies available for requests".

  5. If your request is successful, you will get an email when your book is ready to be picked up at the Service Desk.

View your Requests

Check the Status

Check your library account to see the books you requested and find out if they are on the way. 

  • Log into your library account from the My Library Account link on the library homepage. 
    • You will need to enter your name and college ID# plus the suffix COP
  • You should see a screen listing your requested items. Under the Status heading, you might see...
    • MOBIUS Request: Your request has been placed, but no library has been able to send us the book yet. 

    • In Transit: Your book is on its way and should be here in a few days. 

    • On Hold Shelf/Ready for Pickup: Your book is ready for pickup. 

Still waiting for your book?

Books usually arrive at the library in two to three business days. If your book has not arrived in one week, email

Cancel a Request

Cancel a hold

  • Log into your library account from the My Library Account link on the library homepage. You will need to enter your name and college ID# plus the suffix COP

  • Click the link with the red flag icon and # request (hold)

  • Check the box next to the item(s) you want to cancel, then click Cancel All or Cancel Selected Item.

  • A new page will open, stating "The following hold(s) will be canceled or updated, would you like to proceed?" Click YES to cancel the hold. 

Unable to cancel a hold? Email

Renew a Book

Renew an Item

  • Log into your library account from the My Library Account link on the library homepage. 

    • You will need to enter your name and college ID# plus the suffix COP

  • Check the box next to the item to want to renew, then click either Renew All or Renew Marked
    • Your item should then be renewed for another 4 weeks. 

Unable to renew an item? Email