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How to Find a Book

Looking for a book? This guide can help you find a book in the STLCOP Library, at the Becker Medical Library, in MOBIUS, or through Interlibrary Loan.

Searching the STLCOP catalog

Searching for a book

  1. Start at the Library homepage > Library Collections > Books & DVDs.

  2. Select the type of search you want: Keyword, Author, Title, etc.

  3. Enter your search term(s) and click Submit

    • Example--title: Pharmacy Ethics

    • Example--keyword: plague

  4. You should see a results list with items that match your search.

  5. Click on a title in the results list to view information about a specific item, including:

    • Location--where the item is located in the library

    • Call Number-- the alphanumeric number on the book spine or front cover

    • Status--availability of the item 

Not finding the right book?

You can always search MOBIUS (a large partnership of academic, public, and special libraries). See the MOBIUS page of this guide for help

lower lever map

Finding a Book in the Library

Now that you have found an item, let's find it in the Library. 

To find a book, you need to know the call the number.

Using the call number to find a bookcall number organization

Basically, a call number is the location, or shelf address, for a book in the library.

Call numbers are part of classification systems that libraries use to organize books on the shelves. We use the Library of Congress Classification (LC) system. To see how books are shelved, take a look at the example on the right. 

Finding the right shelf

Each row of shelves has a sign on the end stating what call numbers are located in that row.

Using the example at the top of this page, we know that the book Pharmacy Pioneers: The First 150 Years of St. Louis College of Pharmacy is located in the General Collection and the call number is RS111 .M4 P35 2018.  

Looking at the call numbers on the shelf signs, we know that we can find the book Pharmacy Pioneers in the RS 100- RS 122' row.

For help stop by the Service Desk. 

Checking it Out

Check it out

All items should be brought to the Library Service Desk for checkout. 

  • Check out length = 4 weeks for books. 

Renew it

Books can be renewed through your library account or at the Service Desk. Two renewals are possible--unless there is a hold on the item. If you need an item longer email

Books checked out through Interlibrary Loan, can only be renewed by emailing

Return It

All items must be returned to the staff at the Service Desk. Materials left at the Service Desk after closing remain the responsibility of the patron and will be considered late the following day upon check-in.