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How to Find Articles

Having trouble finding articles? Find out where to start, and what to do when the article you need is not available at the STLCOP Library.

Databases vs Journals

Databases are entry points to search multiple journals, at the same time, for information on a subject. Use databases when you want to research a topic from multiple sources.

The All Journal Titles page features journals you have access to through the Library. Use the All Journal Titles page when...

  • you have the citation for an article--ie: the volume/issue or publication date)
  • you want to search within a journal

Selecting a Database

Pick a database...

In our Databases page, browse an alphabetical list or search by subject for a database that best fits your topic.

or search most of our databases at once with the Discovery Search

Databases not searched in the Discovery Search are: EMBASE, Facts and Comparisons, LexiComp, Micromedex, MOBIUS, PubMed, and UpToDate  

Popular Databases